Advance WordPress course with WP co-founder Mike Little.

18 Mar


When I found these leaflet at work, first thing I thought it was how nice it would be to be able, not only to take care of my clients’ Social Media presence but to be able to built their beautiful websites as well. It sounded great but, was I even an Intermediate User? Could I become one in a week? I had at least to try!  So I downloaded this application “Using WordPress for your Small Business”, great tutorial by the way. I got it covered, I thought!

I’ve never been anything close to a techie person but I wasn’t doing too bad at this Worpress thing, as it’s very user friendly and the fact that the person running the course was Mike Little, WordPress co-founder, that sure did! So why not giving it a try! I’ll do it! I’ll go for this Advance WordPress course!

Wrong! I thought as soon as I got there. IMG_3744

When I arrived at the venue, beautiful multispace in the heart of the Northern Quarter in Manchester, I loved it and I got really excited. So I sit down and open up my laptop and then Mike starts talknig about php codes, coding,… OMG, what am I doing here?! I just became a fully credited WordPress Intermediate User a week ago! Wasn’t the whole point of WordPress to get rid of all that IT part?


Thing is, I managed myself through the process and after that it all became pluggings and things I actually understood. I learned a lot in just two days. Mike was great and very approachable and talkative. Everyone there seems to know him already and get along quite well.  So, totally recommended! Also, he not only runs this WordPress courses but he also runs a monthly WordPress Users group in this same venue, which I sure will be attending. It’s run every third wednesday of the month, so this Wednesday, the 20th of March, if you’re interested at the Madlab Manchester, in the NQ.

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