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CCF as it happened…

2 Jul

Image“We owe to ourselves to be the best we can be and to strive for something good in life.”

My CCF adventure has come to its end…and I can now say I´ve enjoyed every bit of it. Putting a project together with nothing but passion and comitment it´s a wonderful thing. And the fact that you join with people that is in your same situation it makes it even more special.

I´ve met and work with amazing people during the pre-events and during the festival. We´ve shared tears of stress and joy and at the end they felt more like family than colleagues. Image

Apart from that I´ve learned a lot about others and about myself. I´ve pushed myself to places I´ve never ever wanted to hear about before and I´ve done it because pushing yourself forward is the only way to grow.  

Maybe this post is a bit “personal” for the purpose of this blog but we, as entrepreneurs need the personal side of it way so many times to help us keep walking in the directions of our dreams. And that´s what I encourage you to do!

And make it fun! That´s a must!

Chorlton Coffee Festival

23 Apr

312307_281897395266814_362305221_nI just got involved in this…
I know I keep saying I need to focus on what matters, that rent is not going to paid itself but…here I am again!

I wonder if Passion is good or not… Well, I don´t, I know it is! Passion takes you where you need to go. Passion push you forward and that´s exactly where I want to go. Caffe Culture Imagery (14th - 15th November 2011)

So, I´ll be taking part on the Chorlton Coffee Festival, the first coffee festival in Manchester and the first coffee festival run by coffee-lovers for coffee-lovers (I love this bit!). So, yes this would be all about Passion. I´ll be assisting them with the marketing of the festival and will be also assisting during the festival where there would be special deals in all the lovely Chorlton coffee shops, coffee workshops, and well…more surprises!

slider1The Chorlton Coffee Festival will be happenning in Chorlton on the last weekend of June (28th- 30th of June), so I´ll be expecting at least a bit of sunshine and loads of caffeine involved (of course). I´ve never been in Chorlton, very nice area they say, so it will be my opportunity to finally meet the place but also to get involved in a community project which usually takes off from just an idea and sometimes becomes something really big. I hope this is one of those! In fact, I´m confident it will be! Everyone involved so far is doing it in a altruistic way, because they “feel” the project so…this can just only lead to something great!

I´ve shared this video already but I need to do it once again, because I think this is what makes our generation special and I just love it!

Find your purpose today!