My journey so far.

To be fair I should say it all started when I open my first Twitter account (I manage 6 at the moment). I got this first impression that Twitter was not only useless but difficult to get to it. After a while I went back and started figuring out how that devil´s tool worked and realized that I happen to like it. There was so much you could get from it!
Short after that I started my own blog Funny English so I could set my language passion free and free those around me as a consequence, of my English divagations. Things worked and I realised just how much I liked blogging and Social Media ( and I hadn´t even found out about Instagram yet by then!)

After a while tweeting, I found this acting academy in Manchester, Passion Academy, they were looking for a Community Manager. I´ll try, I thought. And I fell in love.
I started reading, tweeting and thinking about it and decide that that was it, that was the motivation I´ve been looking for for so long, my passion.

I´ve donde other projects after that, like this Health and Safety Company but at some point I realized I want it to do this properly, to build my path and become a Social Media expert. And here I am. Still on the way but enjoying the way everyday.

I have become an official freelance marketer online now under the umbrella of my adopted country, England. I´m based in Manchester but as you know remote work doesn´t understand of barriers. So please don´t hesitate in contacting me wherever you´re based. I would love to talk to you about your business and its Social Media needs.

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