The Blogging thing.

I’ve been blogging and writing content for companies for some time now. Therefore, I find myself quite comfortable when talking about things like travelling, languages, the English learning process,…As I am an expat myself I love to talk about the proccess of going abroad, the emigration experience (what you need to know, how to prepare yourself, the English experience…).

I am also really interested in writing about Social Media (obviously), be it in English or Spanish as well as new tecnologies, mobile phones, applications,.. Here it’ s a sample of an article I wrote for the blog Pre pay As You Go a few years ago.

I am familiar with the two main platforms that are used nowadays: wordpress and blogspot.

If you think this mighth be usefull content for your site just give me a call or drop me an email at  and I’ll be willing to help. You can see samples of my work following the links below.

Funny English.

Funny English is the blog I set up two years ago with the aim of helping those with none or little time for learning a language, realise how easy it is, when it’s fun, you include it in your day-to-day and when you actually enjoy it! Being this through videos, shortcuts from movies or series, songs, TED talks,…

And this is my personal one: Reflexiones de una Spaniard cualquiera (in Spanish as well.)


Esto es Manchester aims to be a window of Manchester city for any Spanish- speaking person already living in Manchester, for them to know or everything that is going on in Manchester at the moment. We aim to be also a helpful tool for people  planning to come to Manchester to live when they are involved in the research process about their new destination (in Spanish.)


El Northern  is the new online newspaper based in Manchester and intend for all the Spanish-speaking people living in United Kingdom, to stay inform about what happens in their adopted country as well as in their homelands (in Spanish.) I am contributing to this project writing news and translating content from UK Media.

Instagram Izziwotnot

Izziwotnot blog. Where Izziwotnot, leader online brand that specialise in beatiful and carefully designed baby nurseries and childrens bedroom interiors at affordable prices, share their worries (like the environment) and joys (like their brand new products and collections.)

I’ve also manage to make myself a guest blogger for some blogs like this one at A2Z School of English in Manchester, where I wrote a letter to my pre-expat self.  What would you tell your pre- expat self if you were given the chance? This is what I would say…



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