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CCF as it happened…

2 Jul

Image“We owe to ourselves to be the best we can be and to strive for something good in life.”

My CCF adventure has come to its end…and I can now say I´ve enjoyed every bit of it. Putting a project together with nothing but passion and comitment it´s a wonderful thing. And the fact that you join with people that is in your same situation it makes it even more special.

I´ve met and work with amazing people during the pre-events and during the festival. We´ve shared tears of stress and joy and at the end they felt more like family than colleagues. Image

Apart from that I´ve learned a lot about others and about myself. I´ve pushed myself to places I´ve never ever wanted to hear about before and I´ve done it because pushing yourself forward is the only way to grow.  

Maybe this post is a bit “personal” for the purpose of this blog but we, as entrepreneurs need the personal side of it way so many times to help us keep walking in the directions of our dreams. And that´s what I encourage you to do!

And make it fun! That´s a must!